Technician services



Jon has provided the following services as a piano technician in private homes, churches, schools, and hotels:

  • Piano tuningIcon for use on web
  • Basic piano repair (sticky keys, broken strings, etc.)
  • Piano regulation (fine adjustments to make your piano play as well as possible)
  • Installation of piano humidity control systems. Jon is a certified installer of the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System, the only such system on the market recommended by many top piano manufacturers for the best possible care of their pianos.
  • Consultation on new piano purchases

In his own words:

As an experienced musician who has spent many hours at many different pianos, I have an acute ear for the capabilities of a given instrument. When I sit down at a new piano and play, I am drawn to bring out the particular strengths of that piano. I have great respect for my client’s pianos, and my goal with each service is to bring each instrument to a point where I enjoy hearing and playing it as a musician.

Don’t be surprised if you get a little serenade at the end of a piano tuning…beyond all of the scientific tests which a technician uses to check his tuning method, the most important test is the musical test.